Most precious thing in your life
Is life itself


Astrological Remedies for every problems of life

By improving your Planetary
Movements & Environment


Astrological Remedies for every problems of life


Sanjay Kapoor can be consulted in Person, over telephone, Video Calls, Skype and Whatsapp conversation. +91 9830118008

But only after consultation fees deposited.


Man proposes and Planets disposes. To check and strengthen your planets/stars with the help of a good experienced renowned astrologer by whose remedies you can over come hurdles and achieve your goals.


Healthy environment is so important. We need to keep our residential and official areas properly energized. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept that can change it all. For the better.


Your date, time & place birth may be unknown or incorrect. The renowned famous astrologer Sanjay Kapoor can read your face and can suggest powerful remedies to bring positive changes in your life.


Change of directions can help you to reach your goals. Rectification of such directions too is possible with the help of this Indian concept. A correct layout/plan of our house, flat, apartment, shop, factory, workshop can help us to have positive energies in our lives.

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SANJAY KAPOOR - Best Astrologer India

Sanjay Kapoor - Best Astrologer India, Best Astrologer Kolkata, Feng Shui Consultant in Kolkata

In an era where all of us need to build a great future for ourselves. A renowned astrologer can help u to achieve all this thru his astrological expertise, experience and know how. All of us are under the influence of planets/stars who dominate our day to day lives. SANJAY KAPOOR,  a renowned famous astrologer in India, experienced for 33 years is able to detect all your problems through your birth chart. A correct remedy thru SANJAY KAPOOR can solve your problems and help U to be real successful.

SANJAY KAPOOR, A WELL KNOWN ASTROLOGER IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD HAS MESMERIZED AUDIENCES THRU ASTROLOGICAL TV SHOWS has seen birth charts of tens of thousands of people of all ages, caste, religion from all parts of the world. INDIA- Kolkata, Siliguri, New delhi, Orrisa, Bihar, UP, Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Assam, Shillong, Bangalore, Pune, Punjab etc. and also from countries mainly USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE. Problems related to their mind & body. Problems regarding their family. Problems regarding their friends, brothers / sisters. Problems regarding their homes and property. Their basic and higher education. Their love life. Their jobs. Their business and profession. Tackling their enemies. Problems related to their marriage and married life. Their work place & the top most problem of them all, their FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.

Yes, as they say it's all about fate - (Kismat).

How can we solve all these problems? How can we improve our fate? Here's someone who could help you to do this. Someone who could study and improve your planets. Someone who could improve your environment.

Someone who is  Goddess Maa Vaisno Devi's  blessed son Sri Sanjay Kapoor, who since childhood has been associated with astrology and Feng shui.