Monday, 07 January 2019 / Published in Weekly Horoscope
ARIES This month will be moderately fruitful. Health will be troublesome. Career seems stable for Govt. employees while a bit sensitive for ones in pvt. sector. Businessmen will be prosperous but avoid dealing with the property. Students will be stable. Relationships will be smooth for the first half of the month, while the second half might feel a little rocky.
TAURUS August seems to be mostly positive for you. Your health will be great. Business owners will find moderate success. It will be hectic for employees and may need to travel for work. Students will do good. Married people will see a lot of ups and downs in their lives, and hence, it is advisable that they maintain a compromising attitude towards each other.
GEMINI This month looks good. However, you need to be careful on the health ground. Your career during the month can suffer from a few ups and downs. Be extra cautious while dealing with money and investments during this time. Students will be able to focus on their studies. Old strained relations will get rejuvenated. You can receive a new proposal this month, and if you have proposed someone, there are chances of a positive response from them. Married people will reach to a solution for their long pending problems.
CANCER Overall a steady month. Health will be fine. You will be able to work more in your desired field. Employees should remain cautious as they are likely to suffer a loss. Traders and business owners are expected to achieve success. Finance will be beneficial. Students will do extremely good and achieve success in competitive exams. Relationships will be a mixed bag of emotions.
LEO This month is balanced. You will feel fit mostly. Job related career will be beneficial. Similarly, business owners will also achieve success. Financially it would be moderate. Students will find it challenging to focus on their studies for the first 17 days of the month, but things will get a better post that and they will be able to pursue higher studies successfully. Relationships tend to be gloomy.
VIRGO The initial days would be troublesome but rest of the days will be beneficial to your health. Employees will get chances to succeed and might even get an opportunity to travel out of state/country for work. In terms of finances, the initial days might cause a decrease in the income of the job as well as business owners. Students will do excellent in their studies. You will succeed in competitive exams for further studies. Relationships will be stable.
LIBRA This month will be turbulent. Complications regarding your health will also be seen during this period. You will get more help than expected from others in your work. New work opportunities shall arise, keeping you happy. Your professional life would be more comfortable than your personal life. You will be required to tread carefully in your personal and married life. This month will prove to be beneficial for students. You are also likely to strategize with your friends to move ahead in your life.
SCORPIO This month will prove to be very beneficial for you. It will also be great for your health. This period will be highly rewarding for business. In the working class, people who do not have a promotion on their cards are highly probable to get promotions during this time. Students will do fairly good. On the personal front, you will get more support from elders and friends, and a romantic relationship also seems to happen during this time. You will get more contentment from your children. People who are planning to have a baby will get success. People wanting to get married also more likely to develop romantic relationships. There can also be occasions resulting in love from friendship.
SAGITTARIUS Family relationships will prosper during the month. Health will be steady. For the employees and business owners, this month will be medium to good. Students will find themselves working hard to achieve their goals. This month will also be beneficial for property dealings. Share traders should avoid trading heavily during the month or else they could get caught in a financial crisis. Married life will be good and lovers will also find it to be a fantastic time. They will be able to take their relationships to the next level and think about getting married.
CAPRICORN In general a steady time. Health will be stable. Employees  will get growth opportunities. You will attain new heights, get new posts, and responsibilities. You might even get a chance to travel abroad. Business owners and traders should be cautious during the 2nd and the 4th week. The rest of the month is good for them. If you are involved in share trading, you are likely to commit errors in calculation and lose a substantial sum of money due to it. Students will be interested in technical studies and will be successful in higher studies. Relationships will be fantastic.
AQUARIUS Overall a peaceful atmosphere will prevail. Your career might face some turbulence during this time. Property dealings will be in your favor. You will be able to come out of the financial crisis, and situations will start turning to normal. Financially, its a good time. Students are also stable. All your relationships will be smooth throughout the month.  Make the most of this time and plan accordingly.
PISCES A moderate month. Health requires concern. A progressive month for the salried class. For the business owners, the initial days will be excellent and will bring prosperity and success. Financially its a stable month. Students will be pretty serious in their undertaking. Relationships look stable.