Monday, 07 January 2019 / Published in Weekly Horoscope
Monthly Predictions for Feb 2020
ARIES When it comes to fortune this month, your luck may be mixed. You might face both ups and downs. While those are a routine part of life, ensure you do not neglect your health and well-being. Take special care to get enough down-time, so you don’t get physically drained. On the work front, there may be good news. Your interviews may go well, your bosses might be happy and you might even get that dream role. Strive to achieve success on the work front. This month, you may travel extensively. The planets may align in your favour, causing happiness at home.
TAURUS A holistic look at the month’s stars reveal that there may be nothing really wrong in your life, provided you keep your balance and stay stress-free. Despite, this month may have some challenges for you to face. Your bosses may be happy with your sincerity and contributions. This may be a great period for education, higher learning and entrance tests, as the stars are aligned favourably. All you need to do may be to give your best! Relationships and love abound in your life, bringing you joy and making you buoyant and charming. This month may see you travel more, and enjoy the journey immensely. You may meet new people, and form new bonds and relationships. At work too, things seem to be stable. Your expenses and income both rise. If you are looking for a role in the government or related sectors, you could get lucky! This month sees both highs and lows in life. While your career graph remains average, your health gets better.
GEMINI This month may be quite favourable, for married couples, singles, students and professionals. Your financial situation may become better. Be careful of to avoid stomach ailments. This may be a good period for businesses based upon incentives, commissions or brokerage structures. Students shouldn’t appear for competitive exams during this period. Additional incomes, perks and bonuses may be in the pipeline. Bachelors and bachelorettes might receive marriage proposals.
CANCER For Cancerians, this may be a great period. White collar workers may get better jobs. There may be a possibility of a rise in salary or a promotion. This month may favour those who switch to better jobs. Students shall be interested in learning subjects like technology and commerce. Students looking to go abroad to study may experience success. Just don’t let anxiety creep in and affect your academics. Success can be achieved by teamwork. Finally, long-term investments that you might have made in the past, may bear fruit now.
LEO For Leos, this may be a good month for your hard work and efforts to be noticed by seniors at work. Working professionals might receive lucrative job offers or business proposals. Those working in the stock market, might see a substantial rise in profit. There also might be some unexpected expenses. Ensure you seek financial advice before planning investments. The planets are aligned positively, especially for students, who might find themselves rewarded with scholarships and other academic achievements.  Those students looking to go overseas to study might succeed.
VIRGO For Virgos, this may be a trying period. On the health front, a mild headache or migraine might bother you. Salaried employees may be given a promotion. Those in corporate roles may go on a foreign business trip. People involved in the stock market would be benefitted. Working professionals could adopt a different approach towards business, and see magic happen. On the business front, firms that are in education, IT, media, acting and pharmacy might outperform other industries. Court matters and legal fees may increase the financial burden, while salaried employees may receive perks. Try and curb unnecessary expenses. Do not lend any money to any friends or relatives. Students who planned to go abroad for higher studies or study for government exams, may succeed. You may deeply bond with your love interest. A close friendship with someone of the opposite gender, might blossom into love. You might have certain minor issues and arguments with your spouse. You could express your true feelings to that special someone in a really artistic way.
LIBRA For Librans, this may be a mixed month. Watch your health and allergy issues. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. While on the one hand, it might not be very favourable for considering expansion of new projects, on the other hand, investments made in the past might start bearing fruits of return. For businessmen as well as salaried individuals, there may be travel on the cards. For those considering business expansion, now may be the time. Salaried individuals might be burdened with a heavy workload. This may not be the ideal period for starting a joint venture with a partner. Salaried workers may be transferred to an area of their liking. Students enrolled in technical subjects or courses, need to work extra hard this week. Students pursuing performing arts may perform excellently. The planets are positively aligned, indicating that students have a good chance of availing a scholarship during this month. Incomes may substantially increase during this period.
SCORPIO For Scorpios, this month offer a mixed bag of luck. Salaried employees shouldn’t get into heated arguments at work, as this might lead to dire consequences. For businessmen, profit margins may remain good, and other avenues of income might open up. Students who want to study abroad may achieve success. For students, progress and results may be affected adversely due to a lack of focus and concentration. Any major upcoming examinations would require thorough preparations.  Feeling mentally relaxed, students can expand their knowledge by exploring subjects they love.
SAGITTARIUS Students learning advanced forms of dance and poetry may prosper. If you are a salaried employee, get ready to be praised by your superiors. You may get the green signal from the government, for your dream project. Your income may increase, as may your financial stability and business stature. However, be prepared to incur a major financial expense for your loved ones. Salaried employees may not get the results they desire, despite honest efforts whereas, businessmen may be immersed in concluding a deal. In both cases, perseverance may be vital. This may be a great month to reconnect with old friends, and spend quality time with your loved ones.
CAPRICORN For the average Capricorn, the first four days of the month are amazing for financial matters. Be wary of investing in the stock market, as your investments may be lost. Students may reflect on their choice of subjects, and literature students may want to study further abroad. For salaried employees, new heights may be reached. There may be a distinct possibility of an overseas tour. If you wish to jump jobs, this may be a good time. Students pursuing engineering, finance and IT, may be bubbling with enthusiasm.  Businessmen may be immersed doing research and analysis, for a new product or service launch. Salaried employees may gain incentives. This month may prove very favourable for student. Those who want to pursue higher education abroad may be gratified. Students, irrespective of who they are and where they come from, must meditate. When it comes to investments, this month isn’t favourable. People with interests in the stock and share market should be aware.
AQUARIUS This month may be quite favourable for Aquarius, with both good and bad elements combined.  Infectious diseases or viral attacks may cross your path this month. Salaried employees may be presented with several offers of better and more lucrative jobs. Salaried employees may be praised by their seniors at work. This may be a good month for considering expansion of your business. In terms of finance, this may be a mediocre week, and the flow of your income may keep fluctuating.
PISCES This may be an important month for the Pisces sign. Businessmen may be presented with several lucrative opportunities. You may be able to successfully find a better paying and more lucrative job this week. Students must realise that shortcuts in life don’t work. You need to be very focused and dedicated to whatever you choose to pursue. Students may be able to avail admission into the school, college or university of their choice. Those who want to pursue higher education abroad, may succeed.